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Round the World Trip

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Friends and family always ask for travel tips, travel information and insight on travel destinations. From finding hotels, flights, and gear, I'll share some of my favorites here.  I only share from companies that I actually use.  And for full disclosure, if you make a purchase from some of these companies, I receive a small commission.  Thanks for helping me out!

Links for some of my favorite, tried and tested,

travel-related companies. 

A couple of my favorite suppliers - REI and EMS.  I've purchased many quality items from both retailers over the years - clothing, backpacks, and other gear with no complaints.

As far as how to travel - don't ever say, "But I don't have anyone to go with!"  There are some great travel companies that allow you to travel alone, with a group. When I was working full time, it was the best way for me to be efficient in two weeks and meet great people.  In fact, on my RTW trip, I was able to connect with several people I had met previously traveling with groups.  Try REI, G Adventures, Intrepid, or Exodus. 

For hotels, was a great resource on my trip.  

And what about travel guides and information?  Amazon is a great resource to find books on every country - more than I can find at my local bookstores.  And for Reading on the Road, buy a Kindle for endless content, or a couple of good paperbacks to last the journey.




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I've been traveling the world for business and pleasure for the last 25 years and I've created this travel guide site to inspire you to leave your living room and find your own adventure.

I will be updating countries and adding information as I wander, so check back often and send me an email if you have questions or comments.  I'll include international travel packing tips, international travel tips for moneyhow to use your smart phone when traveling, and other relevant information so you can plan your best trip.

Travel Information - 50 countries and counting